We empower people to create wellbeing by aligning heart, mind and body with science-based tools,
every moment of the day.


essence Mentoring supports you in applying heart-focused tools for self-care, self-regulation and self-empowerment. The goal is sustaining wellbeing with heart-mind-emotion balance. Options are a 4 week course or single sessions, by phone, zoom or in person.


This training is Professional Development intervention for organisations that are committed to enhancing connections among people and systems. Benefit from wellbeing improvement and enhanced relationships, performance and productivity.


essence Dance combines creative movement, rhythm and music with wellbeing tools. It’s a unique, empowering dance that supports you in building strength and feeling aligned. You get to create and interpret movement that works for you and your body, at your pace.

We promote care for ourselves and others so that the environments in which we live and work are more conducive to us realising our full potential.

Manaakitia tātou me ō mātou taiao.