Empowering people to create wellbeing.


Heart-based Coaching appreciates the contribution of both heart and mind intelligence for the best wellbeing and life outcomes. A key focus is to build and sustain internal energetic and holistic alignment for personal and relational benefit. HeartMath® science-based tools are utilised to support self-regulation and self-empowerment.


‘essence’ Energy-based Healing is a safe, gentle, natural process that facilitates our own healing capabilites. It mitigates stress, supports holistic alignment of the human system, and benefits holistic wellbeing and expansion. UFH Healing is further intended to transform through recalibration with our spiritual DNA.


One-off Events are collaborations with others to bring you heartwarming experiences that benefit your wellbeing. Additionally, there are workshops by ‘the essence’ that share HeartMath® science or technology and how it supports self-regulation and self-empowerment. 2023 Events are coming soon.

We promote care for ourselves and others so that the environments in which we live and work are more conducive to us realising our full human potential.

Manaakitia tātou me ō mātou taiao.