Empowering people to create wellbeing.


Heart-based Coaching appreciates scientific understandings of the intelligence of the heart and it’s role in our wellbeing. The application of pragmatic, heart-focused tools enhance self-care, self-regulation and self-empowerment. Heart Coaching can be 1:1 or with a group.


Two modalities of healing are offered, both facilitated with an appreciation of the value of human energetic alignment, for holistic wellbeing and expansion. Healing is gentle, heartwarming and uplifting. Healings can effectively be received distantly online, or in-person where practical.

essence DANCE

essence Dance combines movement, rhythm and music with wellbeing tools, to enhance holistic strength and alignment. A structure is provided to support the creative component. Workshops and classes are fun, empowering and free of competition. They’re expected to resume in 2023.

We promote care for ourselves and others so that the environments in which we live and work are more conducive to us realising our full potential.

Manaakitia tātou me ō mātou taiao.