the essence is committed to care of ourselves for ourselves, for our relationships, the workplace and beyond. In 2022, many have a sense that the heart and mind need to be working together harmoniously for the ongoing development of human potential, irrespective of role or responsibilities. However, the question is, how do we achieve the harmony, coherence and alignment needed? Phillippa uses science-based, pragmatic tools, as well as understandings of our energy systems to support enhancement and wellbeing of individuals and groups.

Essentially, Phillippa facilitates others’ self-regulation and self-empowerment. She has a forward focus but brings an appreciation of our histories, including her own, which incorporates social work, farming, family, dance, business and education.

Manaakitia tātou me o mātou taiao.

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B Tching, Grad Dip HRM, HeartMath CP, UFH CP.