the essence of you – Coaching

Personalised coaching can follow the HeartMath® mentoring program or The Resilience Advantage™ training. It may also result from separate enquiry. The holistic approach supports people whose wellbeing is compromised in some way. This can be due to the challenges of a leadership role, a feeling of overwhelm, bullying, relationship difficulties, health barriers or anything else that’s impacting a person’s wellbeing.

“(the essence) gave me the strategies to be able to rethink, refocus and continue on through the day in a positive light.”  Tanya, Waikato.

Stress affects our ability to perceive things clearly and communicate effectively. the essence coaching aims to get to the heart of any issue or challenge so that care and clarity can smooth the path ahead.

A confidential, mutual agreement outlines the purpose and terms of coaching, including the time allocated, be it one hour or several hours. It’s important to note that coaching is not medical care, counselling or therapy.



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