Heart Coaching

“I’ve been trained to use my brain, and it’s almost as if I’ve been forbidden to use my heart”.
(Alvin Quah, Australian Masterchef contestant, 2022)

Heart Coaching appreciates the contribution of both heart and mind intelligence for the best wellbeing and life outcomes. When we use techniques to consciously focus on our heart and create coherence, we’re able to sustain internal alignment, regulate stress and think clearly. HeartMath® tools are utilised to help build self-awareness, self-regulation and empowerment. This Coaching process supports you to intelligently create and manifest your wellbeing in ways that serve you best.

The organisation, HeartMath, has focused considerable scientific research on the importance of the heart’s role in wellbeing. We now know that our heart is so much more than a pump. It was discovered over 30 years ago that the heart has approximately 40,000 sensory neurons. This gives understanding to the terms heart brain and heart intelligence. The heart is the only organ in the body that functions independently of the brain. It constantly sends information to the brain based on our emotional experience. Science has confirmed that our mental clarity and brain function is affected by our emotional response to situations.

Heart Coaching is for anyone who is is wanting to:

  • Enhance focus
  • Regulate and build energy
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Increase creativity and coherence
  • Improve personal wellbeing and health
  • Enhance personal and professional relationships

By working with what’s already available to us physiologically, self-regulation of energy and the transformation of stress are completely achievable. Heart Coaching empowers us with knowledge, tools and wisdom to be the best that we can be.



“Before I used to be in the mess and I couldn’t work my way out, ’cause I couldn’t see it…now I’m above it. It’s actually taught me to rise above.”
Senior Leader.

“I recognise when I’m tense now, much more readily than before. It’s actually taught me how to be a better communicator.”