the essence workshops are designed to empower people to create wellbeing. They benefit individuals, communities and organisations and are relevant for all cultures, ages and genders.

Workshops may be online via Zoom or in-person at your workplace. You can choose from the workshops below, or have a workshop created to meet the needs of your organisation or group. The times are indicative. CONTACT the essence directly for more information or a consultation.

Inner Ease™ – A self-regulation tool for composure and clarity – 30 minutes

The Emotional Grid – A self-empowerment tool to support personal and workplace wellbeing and performance – 45 minutes

The Physiology of Coherence – The science behind personal and social coherent alignment, mental and emotional clarity, self-regulation techniques – 1 hour

Care v Overcare – The concept of care for ourselves and others, its effects on our health and wellbeing, Can we overdo care? – 1 hour

Activating Appreciation – The ‘how’ and ‘why’ of wellbeing, using appreciation to create wellbeing personally and socially, strategies and tools – 1 ½ hours

The Heart of Resilience – HeartMath® and resilience, building and sustaining resilience, self-awareness and self-regulation – 1 ½ hours

Energetic Connections – The science behind what we feel, coherent communication, maximising performance, productivity and wellbeing – 2 hours

Bullying and the Heart – Respectfully understanding bullying, bullying and alignment, self-empowerment for social wellbeing – 2 ½ hours

The Resilience Advantage™, Part A – Personal wellbeing, resilience, the physiology of coherence, optimal performance, self-regulation techniques and tools – ½ day

The Resilience Advantage™, Part B – Social and workplace wellbeing, practical intuition, relational energetics, coherent communication, practical tools and strategies – ½ day