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essence Education supports school leaders, staff and those working in other areas of education to build self-regulation for personal and professional improvement. There has been increasing media reference to the pressures associated with school leadership and teaching, including incidents of bullying and concerns about stress and anxiety. Given that educators perform one of the most vital roles in society by impacting the lives of children, it is time for a heart-focussed approach to address these concerns.

To facilitate improvement, the essence  delivers The Resilience Advantage™ program from HeartMath. This is part of a scientifically-validated system of stress intervention techniques that provides pragmatic solutions. The Resilience Advantage program helps build understanding of the effects of stress on our own physiology as well as on others, whether they be adults or children. It’s important that we first attend to care of ourselves and regulation of our own energy. Not only does that benefit us personally, but it also benefits our environment at work and home.
Manaakitia taatou me o maatou taiao.

Create improvement in…

  • Resilience and energy
  • Composure and clarity
  • Relational awareness
  • Team co-operation
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Professional Standards
  • Job satisfaction and performance

Resources that directly support children in managing stress and improving self-regulation for wellbeing are also available. However, for the benefit of all, the research points to the importance of addressing staff wellbeing as a priority.

Support and guidance can also be provided for the development and improvement of wellbeing policies and practices that link to a school’s curriculum, charter and strategic planning.

The training provided by The Resilience Advantage has direct relevance to the New Zealand Education Council’s Standards for the Teaching Profession.

the essence founder, Phillippa Bourke, is a past school Principal.



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