Energy Healing

Human beings are essentially energy systems. Even at a basic level, the food that we eat is converted to useable energy. When our systems are out of alignment, disharmony, discontent or dis-ease can result. Energy-based healing helps realign our systems and is important for holistic wellbeing.

All living things are energetically connected. Just as our mobile phones use unseen energy systems to connect and transmit information, people use similar energetic ‘network’ systems. Invisible healing energy is available to us all. ‘essence’ Healing supports you in accessing this energy to align and empower your own systems.

‘essence’ Energy-based Healing is a safe, gentle, heartwarming process. It supports alignment of the whole human system, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The Healing mitigates stress, generates harmony and helps activate a person’s own healing capabilities. It can bring clarity to thoughts and feelings to assist relationships and decision-making. Any wellbeing concern can be supported.

By connecting with this natural, beneficial energetic flow, Healing can effectively be received distantly online as well as in-person. While all healing is intuitively guided to some degree, the shorter, seated healings generally follow the method of the UK Healing Trust. The longer, table-based treatments are likely to be based on Unity Field Healing. Reiki is also an option. All modalities enhance holistic wellbeing and expansion.
Energy Healings are not considered to be a replacement for mainstream medicine, but can complement other health treatments. For more information, CONTACT Phillippa.