Healing at the essence is energy-based healing. It’s a natural process that facilitates a flow of energy that is beneficial. The healing aims to support alignment of the human system, generate harmony and help activate an individual’s own healing capabilities. Healing can effectively be received distantly, online, or in-person by arrangement.

There are two different modalities used:

1. Shorter, usually seated healings, are based on the method of the UK Healing Trust. These can be booked in 15 or 30 minute sessions. The shorter period is no less effective, but the longer time allows for greater engagement with a client prior to, and after, the healing. Apart from the healing itself, these sessions can provide a regenerative break from work, or an opportunity to refocus, reflect and more effectively access intuition.

2. Unity Field Healing (UFH) is the second modality. It is based on the work of Dr John Ryan who, when not undertaking UFH work, is active as an Ottawa radiologist. An hour needs to be booked for any of the 3 table-based, UFH energy treatment sessions. These sessions work through the axis of our Spiritual or Quantum DNA. Healing is profound, and is as effective when received distantly, as it is when in-person.