the essence of you – Mentoring

We are all vulnerable to the pressures of daily living, work, health and relationships which can inhibit our ability to function effectively. Through the HeartMath® mentoring program, you will learn and practise science-based techniques that have been shown to change the way our body’s physiology responds in stressful situations. With new skills you’ll be able to empower yourself by better regulating your energy throughout the day.

The tools learnt are important for increasing self-awareness, building and sustaining wellbeing and enabling us to be the best that we can be. Automatic stress reactions don’t then need to dictate how you feel, respond or perform, whether you’re at work or home.

This mentoring program supports anyone who is motivated to:

  • Regulate and reduce stress
  • Build composure and clarity
  • Increase creativity and coherence
  • Improve personal wellbeing and health
  • Improve job performance and achievement
  • Enhance personal and professional relationships

The HeartMath techniques and strategies are scientifically validated with considerable peer-reviewed research behind them. By working with what’s already available to you physiologically, self-regulation of energy and the transformation of stress are completely achievable.

Mentoring is by zoom, skype, phone or in person. On completion of a mentoring course, ongoing mentoring and coaching is available.


“Before I used to be in the mess and I couldn’t work my way out, ’cause I couldn’t see it…now I’m above it. It’s actually taught me to rise above.”
Senior Leader.

“The HeartMath programme just made sense. The tools are user friendly, easy to learn and easy to apply. They make a difference as soon as you start using them.”
Educator, Hamilton.

“I recognise when I’m tense now, much more readily than before. It’s actually taught me how to be a better communicator.”

The HeartMath strategies enabled me to rethink, refocus and continue on through the day in a positive light.