the essence of Organisations

Today’s global situation is presenting considerable challenges for many. The concept of ‘workplace’ is in the process of being re-envisioned and re-defined. To create the solutions we’ll need for these challenges, no longer is it enough to rely on the intellect of the brain. We also need to apply heart intelligence.

There is now considerable scientific research in the field of heart-brain communication. The science, the tools and technology that can enhance physiological function are available in over 80 countries. Every one of us has the capacity to self-regulate and improve our own wellbeing, moment by moment.

What this means for organisations is less staff illness and improved relationships and performance. This applies whether you are part of an organisation that has continued to thrive, or one that is in the process of re-establishing or reinventing. As you explore new opportunities and ways forward I invite you to contact the essence to discuss how both heart and brain intelligence can help you create the most effective solutions, promote harmonious relationships and enhance efficiencies, productivity and wellness.

Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced focus, clarity and resilience
  • Increased regenerative sleep
  • Heightened creativity and innovation
  • Improved relational awareness in professional interactions
  • Increased ability to handle challenging clients and situations

Each workplace has its own requisites but, irrespective of our role or responsibilities, we all have the capacity to optimise performance and fulfill our human potential. the essence can enable this and help ensure wellbeing in the process.


“[I appreciated] strategies I can use everyday to ensure I am in charge of my wellbeing at all times [and] strategies that will help build relationships that are more effective and considerate of others.”

“Evidence-based and clearly presented. Relevant and adaptable to different situations and personalities.” 
Shane Marquand, Waikato.

“[I appreciated] the opportunity to develop more advanced reflection tools, backed by scientific research, which have practical applications both in the personal and professional realms of my life.”

“Informative and reinforcing of emotional states and their impacts on work and personal life.”
Tina Kahui, Hamilton.

“A great day of learning that was practical and able to be implemented immediately in both personal and professional settings.”

“I really enjoyed this and found Phillippa very calm, reassuring and patient – was a safe environment to be able to practise new techniques.”
Tara, Christchurch