Online Workshops

Workshops may be online via Zoom or in-person at your workplace. CONTACT the essence for more information or a complimentary consultation.

Workshops are often custom-made to provide for the needs of particular organisations, but may include the following:

Inner Ease™ – A self-regulation tool for composure and clarity – 30 minutes
Getting to Grips with Resilience – Science, self-awareness and self-regulation – 90 minutes
The Emotional Grid – A self-regulation tool to support personal and workplace wellbeing and performance – 45 minutes
The Physiology of Coherence – the science behind personal and social coherent alignment, self-regulation techniques – 60 minutes
The Resilience Advantage™, Part A – Personal wellbeing, resilience, the physiology of coherence, optimal performance, self-regulation techniques and tools – ½ day
The Resilience Advantage™, Part B – Social and workplace wellbeing, practical intuition, relational energetics, coherent communication and technique, practical tools and strategies – ½ day

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