the essence of Organisations

Addressing workplace wellbeing using HeartMath® science can significantly enhance staff culture. the essence empowers organisations to create and sustain wellbeing, with benefits that include greater focus and clarity, less staff illness and improved relationships, performance and productivity.

None of us like hearing about, or experiencing, stress that leads to burnout, sickness, bullying or mistakes made under pressure. Such mistakes can cost hugely as disconnects among people and systems increase. It’s important to have tools and strategies to help avoid challenges resulting from such pressures and, when faced with them, to know how to address them.

Research in the area of stress, heart-brain function, health and performance has been undertaken by the HeartMath Institute in California for over 25 years now. Informed by this research, the Institute has developed programs to enable people to regulate stress and energy, moment by moment.

These programs provide a practical framework of emotional self-regulation tools and coherence-building practices. They help people gain more clarity and optimise performance, which can facilitate a stronger identity with organisational purpose and core values.

Other benefits include:

  • Heightened creativity and innovation
  • Increased regenerative sleep
  • Improved relational awareness in professional interactions
  • Increased ability to handle challenging clients and situations
  • Enhanced ability to focus, process information and create solutions

Each workplace has its own requisites but, irrespective of our role or responsibilities, we all have the capacity to create and improve our wellbeing and perform at our best. HeartMath’s science and programs enable this and workplaces benefit.


“[I appreciated] strategies I can use everyday to ensure I am in charge of my wellbeing at all times [and] strategies that will help build relationships that are more effective and considerate of others.”

“Evidence-based and clearly presented. Relevant and adaptable to different situations and personalities.” 
Shane Marquand, Waikato.

“[I appreciated] the opportunity to develop more advanced reflection tools, backed by scientific research, which have practical applications both in the personal and professional realms of my life.”

“Informative and reinforcing of emotional states and their impacts on work and personal life.”
Tina Kahui, Hamilton.

“A great day of learning that was practical and able to be implemented immediately in both personal and professional settings.”

“I really enjoyed this and found Phillippa very calm, reassuring and patient – was a safe environment to be able to practise new techniques.”
Tara, Christchurch